New York State
Reflexology Association

The New York State Reflexology Association (NYSRA) is one of the largest reflexology associations in the nation.  NYSRA is your resource for information and education as well as your primary connection to professional reflexologists within New York State.  For the practitioner, NYSRA  provides membership benefits, educational opportunities and support  while keeping you abreast of current reflexology news and events.NYSRA is recognized nationally and internationally as a model for reflexology organizations. We are a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit professional organization, serving the reflexology community since 1996.


President:                        Angelique Clarke
Vice President:                Catherine Stapleton
Treasurer:                       Craig Rimby
Recording Secretary:        Cheryl Burke
Director:                         Florica Radu
Director:                         Cathy Baiardi
Director:                         Rosie Gramarroso

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