Comments From Those
Who Use Reflexology

Reflexology to me is a great way to help the body get balanced.  After a session, I feel harmony and strength.  Whether the session is from Cheryl, or another Certified Reflexologist, the results are the same.  I have also found another benefit to reflexology.  As a small business owner in New York who thinks about work issues 24 hours a day, my reflexology session helps clear my daily grind.  During the session I find myself relaxing and my mind becomes peaceful and focused.

The results of reflexology are amazing.  I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in an additional way to improve their lives and body.

Bob B.
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Wow, where do I begin to sing my praises of reflexology?  For starters, there's my reflexologist, Cheryl.  A truly gifted reflexologist, she genuinely cares about her clients and the benefits that reflexology can bring to their lives.  She begins a session with a review of the client's overall health, paying close attention to any particularly troublesome areas of the body, and works on the corresponding reflex areas on the feet.  Then, using a combination of skill and soothing oils, she helps restore the body to a more balanced state of well being.

Without question, I leave each reflexology visit feeling as if my whole body has been de-stressed and rebalanced.  My reflexology sessions have been wonderfully soothing and relaxing experiences; in fact, I have often thought it should be called "relax-ology!"

Mary B.
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Reflexology is an amazingly relaxing and rejuvenating modality. I always feel that I walk a little lighter, aches go away, and my body functions better for days after a session. A reflexology session with Cheryl is a true gift to yourself, as she has wonderfully healing hands. Not only is the treatment deeply relaxing, but she is always able to pinpoint the areas that need special attention. Whatever symptom I might have been suffering from when I walked in the door is gone after a session with Cheryl. She is the BEST!

Lisa F.
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I underwent knee surgery, but continued to suffer from knee, back, and neck pain.   My physical therapy sessions, were not having much effect.
Reflexology was recommended to me.  Although I was skeptical, I decided to give it a shot.
Cheryl offered me a sample of reflexology.  Once tasted, never forgotten.  Cheryl is a wonderful reflexologist.  She gives a session that helps to relax & soothe the body and mind.  As a client, reflexology has helped me tremendously in the easing of my knee, back, and neck pain.
I recommend it to anyone... It works! 
Roberta B.
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After a strenuous day, an hour of reflexology is like lying on a white sandy beach with the warm sun shining down on your face.  In my opinion, it doesn't get more relaxing than that. 

Reflexology--I have been going for years.  I am not a person who relaxes much; I'm very active and energetic, but one session with Cheryl takes me into a different zone.  Cheryl is the only person who performs reflexology that can turn me and my "bionic spine" into mush.  Don't let her small appearance fool you, as she has unbelievable strength and hands of steel that are capable of taking your feet from hard to soft.  Don't think an occasional "ouch" won't fly off your tongue! 

Some people who perform reflexology are good.  It would be worth your while to meet simply "the best"--Cheryl, a true professional.

Mary H.
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Reflexology has been a wonderful addition to my life!   It has relieved the pain in my legs and throughout my body in many ways.   Among all the benefits,  it also relieves constipation,  stress,  and muscle pain.  I just think it is wonderful!

Elizabeth S.
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Foot reflexology gives me a sense of peace--body, mind and soul.  It takes the stress out of my body as well as some of my aches and pains.

Linda L.
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